Rainbow Bridge Foundation undertakes actions
solidarity aimed at women and children

Rainbow Bridge Fundation

La fondation Rainbow Bridge

Foundations's mission

The Rainbow Bridge foundation, under the auspices of Fondation de France, was established on September 16th, 2005. The founding members are Crédit Agricole Solidarité et Développement, Accor and Franck Dargent.

Created after the tsunami that devasted South-East Asia on December 26th, 2004, the purpose of this foundation is to provide local development assistance to regions struck by natural or flood-related disasters, espacialy towards health, social welfare and education.

The mother and child development,educationand protection projects will be examined as priority ones. The Foundation shall otherwise subsidise medical, sanitary, food or housing emergency aid programs as long as they fall into a sustainable development project.
Furthermore, in order to prevent natural or food disasters, the Foundation shall engage in prevention programs , through equipment purchasing or training courses.

The Founders hereby give a sworn undertaking to select recipient organizations solely on the basis of their humanitarian activities, without consideration for any material and/or financial benefits that the Founders or any persons close to them might expect to derive, directly or through any third party.

Why the name "Rainbow Bridge"?

Because there were seven of us : Gérard, Martine, Muriel, Matthieu, Iris, Raphaël and I, like the seven beams of the rainbow, indissociable... The violet and indigo colors still remain on earth; the others reach towards the sky. 

Because in the Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and, the gods' messenger between Heaven and Earth.

Because man's genius builds works of art that unite men across the seas, across the abyss. Neither earthquake nor tsunami can destroy it. The Ark of the Covenant is everlasting, the bind remains. 

Because from my office, I never tired of gazing this Rainbow bridge, arched between sea and sky, above Tokyo Bay and because we, as a family, crossed that bridge a hundred times, to go pick up friends arriving from afar, until our last trip. 

And because other families, other friends will continue to take this bridge to meet up with loved ones, in Japan or elsewhere, and those who know this story will keep them alive in their memories and in their hearts, with each crossing."

Franck Dargent

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee examines and discusses the projects in progress on the basis of achievements report, which is established by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee may, when necessary, request from the project manager additional information and receipts/invoices of incurred expenditure.

The Selection Committee assesses submitted projects based on their alignment with the foundation's purpose, their sustainability and their estimated impact on the improvement of beneficiaries' living conditions. Key selection criteria also include the credibility of the entity which is in charge of managing the project and its commitment to transparency on project development.

Members of Selection Committee are also the members of Executive Committee. Both committees may hold meetings on the same date.  The meeting occurs at least once every six months.




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