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Hospital of "the Mother and Child of Myeik"

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€332,510 granted for the transformation of the old Myeik hospital in Myanmar into a “hospital of the mother and child” with Amfa. €201,900 were granted following the Selection Committee of 5th April 2006 for the modernisation and equipping of the premises. The Selection Committee of 28th September 2006 granted a further €116,000 to enable heavy surgical operations on 20 children (€45,000), consumables for the coming two years (€32,000) and the reconstruction of the access road (€28,000). The hospital was officially reopened on 28th October 2006, in the presence of Franck Dargent, his son and uncle, who paid for their travel expenses. A €19,900 donation from the Avenir Finance foundation funded the construction of two wells supplying running water. Finally, a further €14,000 granted by the Selection Committee of 5th April 2007 were used for purchasing additional fans and finishing the floor tiling:

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